International Students

F-1 international students may apply for UR Summer Fellowships to support internship or research opportunities in the following instances:

  • If the experience is affiliated with the University of Richmond, i.e. the student is working for a University of Richmond faculty or staff member in a research lab or on-campus office.
  • If the student’s major requires an internship. This includes Leadership Studies, Environmental Studies, the WGSS minor, the Arts Management concentration, and the International Business concentration of Business Administration.
  • If the experience is with a charitable organization and is not normally paid, i.e. interning for a soup kitchen that does not pay its interns.
  • If the experience is outside the U.S., i.e., in the student’s home country where the student is authorized to work or the UR international internship programs.
  • If the student is granted an exception by Brendan Halligan (Career Services) allowing them to receive academic credit for an internship and apply for a UR Summer Fellowship.

If the experience does not fit into one of these instances, the student is not eligible for UR Summer Fellowships. Students who wish to work in the U.S. in a non-volunteer position related to their major need to obtain practical training work authorization through the Office of International Education as a condition of their student visa. Continuing students should apply for curricular practical training (CPT). CPT requires students to receive UR credit during the internship period except for students whose major requires an internship.

For more information about working in the U.S., visit the international student employment website or contact Krittika Onsanit at