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About UR Summer Fellowships

Today’s students are seeking opportunities to complement their rigorous academic coursework with powerful learning opportunities outside the classroom. Our students’ educational experiences are increasingly being shaped by what they learn and do in the summers, whether that’s in a lab or a library, in an office or in the field.

According to a 2012 employer and student survey from, two-thirds of graduates nationally had at least one internship, and a quarter had two or more. In addition, two-thirds of large companies (100+ employees) and one-third of small companies (less than 50 employees) made full-time offers to interns. When asked, 97 percent of UR Summer Fellowship supervisors who responded indicated they would hire their UR Summer Fellow for a future position in their organization if circumstances permitted. Despite these benefits, finances are often a concern, as two-thirds of internships are unpaid.

Research experience is also critical, particularly for students planning to attend graduate school. One-quarter to one-third of Richmond graduates go to graduate school and research fellowships help prepare them to compete for admission to the best programs.

UR Summer Fellowships ensure students are able to take on the internship or research opportunity that will help them gain an edge in establishing their career path. Faculty-mentored research experiences allow students to pursue original intellectual discovery while also providing them with the laboratory, field, or archival experience that enables them to compete for admission to top graduate programs. Summer internships challenge students to apply what they’ve learned in a new setting while providing traction in the professional world.

UR Summer Fellowships include seven programs that award fellowships of up to $5,000 to students each summer. Continuing, full-time, degree-seeking University of Richmond undergraduate students in good standing in the School of Arts & Sciences, Jepson School of Leadership Studies, or Robins School of Business may apply, although each program may have additional requirements. In the summer of 2021, the University awarded more than $2 million in fellowship funding to approximately 550 students.

National Internship Statistics

2/3 of large (100+) companies made full-time job offers to interns

1/3 of small (less than 50) companies made full-time job offers to interns

2/3 of internships are unpaid

Source:, 2012 Employer Survey, 2012 Student Survey