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URSF Internship Programs COVID-19 Update

The URSF deadline for internships, which had been suspended, will be moved to April 17, 2020. In order to provide students with more time to find an internship, students may also submit URSF applications by a second deadline of June 1, 2020.

Given the current circumstances, in-person internships for which undergraduate students are receiving University funding or course credit (University-sponsored internships) will not be permitted to begin before June 15, 2020, and all planned in-person internships will need to occur in the student’s home community or in Richmond, Virginia, to ensure maximum flexibility given the current uncertainties about mobility and safety.  For Richmond-based internships, on-campus housing will not be available. Please direct questions to Students planning in-person internships should be prepared for the possibility that in-person work will not be able to commence as planned in June, as that decision will be made based on then-current public health guidance.

If an internship can be pursued remotely, remote internships will be eligible for URSF funding; URSF guidelines can be found here. In order to be eligible, a remote internship must meet all of the following:

  1. the type of training and how it will be provided must be clearly stated
  2. a schedule that includes a minimum of weekly in-person or virtual (Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout, Zoom) check-ins with supervisor
  3. opportunities to present work or collaborate with other employees

A required information session will be available online. To gain access to the information session, fill out this form and select "URSF Requirement" under "Reason for Access." 

Students should contact their dean or program director (see contact information below) for more information about their specific program. Career Services is also available to assist students as they continue to pursue internship and job opportunities; please find more information and schedule an appointment here.