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Using SpiderConnect

To submit an application for a UR Summer Fellowship, follow these steps:

  1. Log into SpiderConnect.
  2. From the Opportunities Tab on the left of the main page, select SpiderConnect Opportunities.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select UR Summer Fellowships.
  4. Click on the fellowship that interests you and review the application instructions by clicking “Apply.”
  5. Complete the Fellowship application and any other materials required by your Fellowship of interest; save all documents in your Document Tab within SpiderConnect.
  6. Once you have the documents saved in your SpiderConnect Documents Tab, you must 
submit your application.
  7. Return to the Opportunity Postings home page in SpiderConnect; find and select your Fellowship of interest.
  8. Once in the posting, click on the Apply button on the right hand side of the posting and select the documents you have prepared for your application.
  9. Click Submit once all documents are selected. Success — you have applied!

If you have questions or need help applying for this opportunity, please call the Office of Alumni and Career Services: 804-289-8547.

Navigating SpiderConnect